Industrial Metal Products Co., Inc.
15 Merchant St.
Sharon, MA 02067
Tel: 781.327.1000
Fax: 781.784.6075

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Hands-on sheet metal experience and real value added.
"Design for manufacturability" is a popular term for the process of ensuring that designs are practical to produce. Which is exactly what our Engineers have been doing for over 50 years. When you turn to InMetal, you can count on us to assist you in developing elegant solutions that streamline the process and design, and to do so cost-effectively. We regularly help our customers achieve significant savings by re-engineering parts for them.

InMetal Engineers can provide added value at every stage of a project - from consulting during the design phase to solving complex problems during production. We are committed to working within your budgets, deadlines and technical requirements, and are always looking for opportunities to meet your needs more efficiently and economically.

Quality Assurance


Taking a teamwork approach to Quality Assurance.
Our Operators are deeply invested in the caliber of their work, always seeking to improve their skill and performance. Perfectionists at heart, they get it right the first time, then tweak and refine the process to meet the most rigorous quality and productivity standards.

In addition, all of our QA Inspectors are accomplished sheet metal mechanics with an eye for detail. Our QA team focuses on the process, as well as the product. They work closely with production and engineering departments to identify potential problems and make adjustments early on to facilitate the smoothest, most efficient systems possible.

Quality Assurance at InMetal is about getting the product done on time, the way you want it done. We work to ensure that we meet and surpass your expectations, time after time. After all, our reputation is riding on it.

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Industrial Metal Products Co., Inc.
15 Merchant St. · Sharon, MA 02067
Tel: (781) 327.1000 · Fax: (781) 784-6075



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